There are few gold standard assessments for body composition and flexibility, most of which are expensive, time consuming and offer results but no solution. Even if they did, would you have the discipline to put that plan into action? That’s where we come in. We use a proprietary app to analyze your body composition and flexibility. We then plug that information into a template, and apply a helpful solution based on your results. You can either take that information and apply it yourself, or you can join our program where your daily content is guided by your assessments results. 
Heres How It Works...
Virtual Body Composition Assessment*
1.) Take a Front Facing Full Length Picture of Yourself Standing
2.) Take a Side Facing Full Length Picture of Yourself Standing
3.) Submit Both Pictures via App
4.) Receive Body Composition Report & Suggested Nutritional Guideline
Virtual Flexibility Assessment**
1.) Take a Picture of Yourself at the Top of the Overhead Squat Position
2.) Take a Picture of Yourself at the Bottom of Overhead Squat Position
3.) Submit Both Pictures via App
4.) Receive Flexibility Report & Suggested Solutions
*accuracy of the body composition test is dependent on quality of the photos submitted, and the amount/form fitting of clothing worn in the picture. We respect all types of “diets”, but we recommend eating natural unprocessed foods in the right portions...our suggested nutritional guidelines reflects a simplified method of achieving the correct daily calories and macronutrients.
**Each muscle group/joint can have it’s own assessment, But we believe the Overhead Squat gives  a great overall view of your general flexibility. The Overhead Squat is also something that offers the client immediate feedback. Does it feel better? Does it ook better? The OHS is something we can test, and re-test anytime, anywhere...making it a catch all solution for identifying which areas of the body to focus our attention.  
Interested in putting this assessment information into action?