Do I need to be in shape to start the MOBLOKO Program?
No, our program is designed to offer suggestions on ways to modify each work out to fit your ability level. That being said, you should ALWAYS consult with a doctor first before starting any physical activity.
What happens once I purchase the MOBLOKO Program?
You will receive a welcome email, that includes the link to your FREE TrueCoach app. Once you download and sign into the app you will be able to view and begin your program.
What If I don't receive the email, or have trouble signing into the TrueCoach App?
Please email info@mobloko.com. We're happy to walk you through it.
Is the MOBLOKO Program a recurring subscription?
Yes, depending on your program from the moment you activate your TrueCoach account, OR receive your virtual assessment results you have access to the program for 30 days.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, cancel the recurring subscription any time before your next billing and you will not be charged. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your purchase AFTER the virtual assessments have been sent to you. The coach’s have spent time analyzing your assessments, and developing your program. Taking that info, and asking for a refund isn’t appreciated! 
Can I put my membership on hold?
What happened? You got sick? Traveling? Injuries? We believe we can HELP you through those obstacles, which is a huge part of why we are successful... also we do not have the capabilities to hold a membership, but that should change in the very near future. Otherwise email info@mobloko and we'll do our best to help.
Can you describe the shipping process for the MOBILITY KIT?
We process and ship all orders within 48-72 hours. Depending on location it may take between 2-5 days, so the entire timeline should be about 1 week you receive your Kit. Your confirmation email will also include a tracking number.
Can I return the MOBILITY KIT for a refund?
Yes, you have 30 days to return the product from the day it is delivered. It does NOT have to be in the original packaging, but any used, scuffed or dirty products are ineligible for a refund. In that instance the customer will have to pay for return shipping. For unopened products we will gladly pay for return postage.
What if the MOBILITY KIT is defective?
We hand quality check each product before it is shipped. It is more likely an issue that occurred during the shipping process. Your best bet is to file a claim with the carrier. We aren't without responsibility..so if you believe something is wrong with your product, just email us. We want to help.