Move It Monday Workout : 1

Getting back into a healthy groove after the weekend can be a challenge. If you can’t make to the gym , or your favorite  class... just grab a medicine ball and get it done!
Today’s Workout:
2-4 Rounds*
50 Toe Taps
25 MB Deadlifts
12 Cossack Squats
* 2 Rounds = Warm up. Quality Movement, Low Intensity, Not for Time.
*4 Rounds = Workout. Less Rest, Higher Intensity.
Movement Tips
Toe Taps: Focus on accuracy first, then speed up. Keeping eyes up while moving is advanced.
MB Deadlifts: Keep the ball between the arches of your feet. Press thru the ground, lead with the shoulders.
Cossak Squats: Avoid coming onto your toes, keep heels down at all times. Fight to keep your chest up.
Extra Core Workout