Monday is for Moving

“The science of stretching is weakly developed, and many athletes, like gymnasts who demonstrate great flexibility, receive no formal instruction. Just do it. Generally, you want to stretch in a warm-up to establish safe, effective range of motion for the ensuing activity and stretch during cool down to improve flexibility.“ - Coach Greg Glassman Level 1 Manual

It’s so easy to skip Monday. Fun weekend, sore from yard work, or “urgent” work responsibilities waiting, etc. My opinion? Monday’s are a great day to MOVE. Scale the workout to a lower level, practice some skills, or grab a whiteboard and write down a structured mobility routine. If you feel great, sure...go hard. But Monday’s are tough...we can all agree. Don’t skip. JUST DO IT.


Complaining is okay IF, and only IF you put offer a solution to the problem. My goal is to provide you with the tools to move better, reduce injuries, and perform better. Below is a guided, Lowerbody mobility routine using only a band. Perfect pre/post workout or follow along before bed.

MovementWOD 2 Rounds Left Hamstring - 0:30 Left Outer Hip - 0:30 Left Figure 4 - 0:30 Left Hip Flexor - 0:30 Right Hamstring - 0:30 Right Outer Hip - 0:30 Right Figure 4 - 0:30 Right Hip Flexor - 0:30 Let us know what you want to see, drop a line in the comment section!

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