4 Tips to Stick to Your Workout Routine

The hardest part of working out isn’t the exercise... it’s the act of putting on your clothes, getting to the gym, and walking through the door. The rest is easy. After years of hearing every excuse in the book I’ll put together a few tips I think are important for keeping you on track.
This term is hot in the streets right now. It’s true though... especially for those coming back after a long hiatus. The “I’m gonna workout 8 days a week and start a 1000 Rep Back Squat Program” mentality is the perfect way to get too sore and fall off. Instead, ease back into it. Modify the volume and weights of your WODs or choose something like 2-3 x week, 2-3 exercises, 2-3 sets, 8-12 reps. Gradually build yourself back up.
Obstacles are everywhere. Avoid ‘em like the plague. A great tip is to pack your gym bag every night and place it by the door with your clothes,towel, jump rope, protein shaker, keys, etc in it. No more wasting time rushing around in the morning or after work. If you want to skip the gym you’ll have to step over your bag and feel like an idiot.
The oldest trick in the book. “Hey, I’ll see you in class tomorrow morning” immediately obligates YOU and the person on the other side. If either of you skip it’ll be an awkward conversation later. If you workout alone, try forming a group text where everyone contributes their daily workouts, food pics, event medals, etc. You’ll be motivated to keep up, or you’ll get called out for slacking. The power of people, people.
Signing up for an OCR event, competition or road race is an awesome way to force the action to stay on top of your training. Do you really want to look like an fool in front of everyone? Nope. You’ll think twice about skipping that training session. If you work out alone or have no aspirations of signing up for an event put X’s on your calendar every time you workout. You should be counting those mobility routines, and outdoor activities. Those count too. You’ll be reluctant to break the streak.
PS - I had friend that worked out at night but had to walk the dog after work. If they sat down, that was it...it was an automatic skip, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and the Bachelor. Instead, they LEFT THE CAR RUNNING in the driveway. They were forced to go back into the car. Guess what, they never skipped a gym session and eventually won an olympic gold medal (I made that part up) but seriously... Stop making excuses and find solutions.